Services We Offer

We have Mig welders, Tig welders, a spot welder, a stud welder, small and medium sized pyramid rollers, pillar drills, a circular cut off saw, a surface grinder, a belt sander and a selection of hand held grinding, sanding and finishing equipment.

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CNC Punching

Many of our customers require a varied specification of sheet metal demands. Our TRUMPF TC 3000R is capable of thread forming, part marking, louvres, special forms, countersinking and wheel technology (roller cutting, roll forming and rolling ribs) parts are programmed and nested using the latest Tru-Tops CAD-CAM software ensuring parts are utilised for minimum sheet waste. We deal with CNC punching in areas all over between Cambridge and Suffolk

Sheet Metal Suffolk

CNC Folding

We have a vast amount of press brake tooling to suit our customers specification. Our two AMADA 100 Ton Press brakes are capable of folding material thickness’ of 0.3mm to 6mm, allowing us to provide premium quality folding services across our customer base.

Sheet Metal Suffolk


Here at M&J we have over 30 years of experience in the Sheetmetal Industry, allowing us to select the most efficient and appropriate method to suit the individual needs of our customers. We cater sheet metal services to clients based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, as well as all local surrounding areas. Working with mild steel, stainless, aluminium, copper, molybdenum and brass is our speciality.

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Whether your need is for a small one-off or high numbers of batch work and whether you have a simple sketch or full CAD drawings we can fulfill your requirements. We can provide advice and guidance where required to ensure the design and finished product is as functional and economical as Possible.

Sheet Metal Suffolk


We offer three types of welding here at M&J, MIG , TIG and Spot welding. Our engineers are capable of producing welded parts to high standards ensuring that all parts are produced to our customers specifications.

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